Cleaned Credit 1

Add Seasoned TradeLines


PRICE- $250 per account

AGE- 5-15 years

TYPE- Revolving, Installment and Auto

NAMES- Major bank names.

- Open or Closed

- Only max of 2 accounts per person allowed

Length on Report- The accounts will stay on your credit report for 12 months, after 12 months it will be closed and report as paid (satisfied).

BALANCE- The balance on all accounts will be under 10%. You only get to choose the limit you want, depending on what they have available. You can not choose a specific limit (ex. 14,520.00) or open date (ex. 03/2001). But you can choose limit range---open or closed---and revolving, installment or auto.

TIMEFRAME- 15 days or less (from upload date)

BUREAUS- These tradelines posts to all three bureaus

DEADLINE- There is no deadline dates

PAYMENT- Payment is due upfront. I accept Bank Of America (wire, transfer, deposit) also credit cards. If you are paying with a credit card you must sign the credit card authorization form and fax a copy of your credit card and ID.

Monthly Fee- There is NO monthly maintenance fee

The client has the ability to be relieved from the obligation if they provide 30 days notice.  As long as they continue making their payment the tradelines remain on their report indefinitely.

New Credit Profile

A cpn number can be used in place of your ssn# when applying for credit as long as you fully disclose it is a cpn number. All cpn numbers are privately issued numbers. This number does not replace your current ssn# and should never be used for government purposes.

Credit bureaus and creditors don't want you to know that you can obtain a new credit file legally. According to the 1974 privacy Act you are not obligated to give your ssn# to private industry, cpn numbers are to be used for credit purposes only and not for fraudulent intentions.

This will not relinquish you from any previous debt. You are still legally responsible for your own debt. All a cpn number is doing for you is giving you a second chance.

Credit Profile Number

The numbers that we do provide passes SafeScan, LexisNexis, LTFB, SSN Validator and it is skip traced thoroughly. This is very important because now large banks (like Bank of America, Chase, and Citigroup) and the credit bureaus are catching on to the CPNs and denying everyone who has them because of the past abuse of these numbers. They are being red flagged at the door. Also your tradelines will not stick on a bad number with another persons name on it.

They are using the softwares like LexisNexis and Microbilt, which had been out for a while but they just started implementing it harder. Your number will not work unless it is a validated SSN in the system and with no name attached to it. Period! Our CPN source have numbers that are issued but not assigned, thats a difference. You could get into serious trouble using someone elses SSN, that is considered fraud.

Don't be fooled by the imitators giving out social security numbers that's already issued to someone else or a deceased person, EIN numbers, or giving you a 9 digit number that can not be verified or validated on ssnvalidator.com. If it can not be validated with the SSA then you can do absolutly nothing with that number. You can't even get a capital one credit card. If your looking for a good number, then email us at My800Score@gmail.com